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About NeuroInfiniti

Simply put the NeuroInfinti is the single most effective instrument ever developed for creating lifetime chiropractic patients.


Bold statement?  Bold instrument.

What is the primary focus of Chiropractic? If you are like most chiropractors you will probably say the nervous system. And, like most, you stress the importance of the nervous system with your patients. Yet if we are going to be honest, you have never really had an effective method to quickly and clearly demonstrate for your patients how their nervous system is functioning, how it responds to stress, if it recovers from stress, and most importantly, how it responds to your care.

You do now.




The technical answer? NeuroInfiniti is an absolute state of the art neurophysiological instrument that measures EEG, Hand Temperature, Skin Conductance (GSR), sEMG, Respiration, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability.

If the first question that pops into your head is "Why?" you are not alone. It is fairly typical for a doctor's first reaction to be something along the lines of, "That's neat, but I don't see how it fits in a chiropractic office."

So what is the NeuroInfiniti doing in a chiropractic office? The short answer: changing lives. How does it do that? By showing you how your patients' nervous system is functioning... which changes the conversation with your patients... which changes everything. 



If you are hiking on a path in the woods and come across a bear, your nervous system will do its best to help you survive: your brain will kick into high gear, your heart rate will increase, your fingers will cool, your palms will get sweaty, all in an effort to survive.

Everyone is familiar with the "Fight or Flight" response. Patients understand that before they ever walk through your door. But what they might not know is that your nervous system doesn't know the difference between a potential bear attack and a near miss car accident. The "response" is the same.

Recent research shows that how we respond to such stress - and how we recover from it - may say more about our health than anything else. In many ways it is more telling than your age, your sex, or your weight... whether or not you smoke or excercise... or even if you have high blood pressure.

NeuroInfiniti's unique Stress Response Evaluation allows you to measure this stress response in your patients. It might not surprise you to learn how valuable the NeuroInfiniti will be for your patient's care. But what is sure to blow you away is the effect that the NeuroInfiniti will have on the dialog in your practice.


No back pain. No neck pain. No need to see a chiropractor


With the NeuroInfiniti,

they’re all potential patients.

People understand low back pain. They understand neck pain. (Yet most are left needing a leap of faith to cross the chasm that exists between these things they understand and the promise of what else Chiropractic offers). If you want the public to understand the damaging effects physical, chemical, and emotional stress can have on their health – on their function – measure it and show them.

Function and health go hand and hand. If you talk about one, you talk about the other. If you measure one, you measure the other.

That - in a nutshell - is the purpose of the NeuroInfiniti.

Insight into your patients like never before!

NBC is focused on the Nervous System as the key to health restoration and peak performance.