eVu TPS Device




Breathing to de-stress, calm the body, focus the mind, relax and recover have never before been any clearer than with eVu Senz app. Not only does it guide the user with a breathing pacer, but it also scores the body’s response to the breathing exercise based on the biometric data transmitted from the eVu TPS sensor. Features of the app include:

  • Modifiable breath pacer, appropriate to the needs of any user whether they are novices to paced breathing or experts practicing at their resonant frequencies.
  • Heart rate variability, skin conductance, and temperature metrics expressed as easy-to-understand values.
  • Three tiers of feedback, including music, graphics, and reward points.
  • Session durations can be as short at 5 minutes or as long as 60 minutes.
  • Point-based training program that automatically tailors success appropriate to the user’s skill level.
  • All training data saved, enabling user and clinician review for effectiveness and compliance.
  • The system’s artifact detection ensures the user is informed when movement artifact is present in real-time.

The eVu Senz represents the first in a line of upcoming companion apps that promise to revolutionize at-home clinical training with smartphones and tablets. Applied to a single finger with a fabric strap, the sensor detects and transmits three highly-researched measurements of psychophysiological health: HEART RATE VARIABILITY, SKIN CONDUCTANCE and HAND TEMPERATURE. Data transmission takes place in real-time via Bluetooth to the companion app, providing the user with both an accurate and immediate gauge for stress, focus, relaxation, and recovery. Included with the eVu TPS sensor is the carrying case, ensuring the sensor is protected wherever it goes in the user’s pocket, purse, or side bag.