6 Month of the Brain Based Practice Experience




Below are some of the things you will learn:

•How to Attract Patients Who Want MORE Than Just Neck and Low Back Pain Relief

•How to Shift Your Current Patients From Pain to the Brain So They Stay For Life

•How to Reactivate Patients Who Have Stopped Care and Bring Them Back

•How to Get Patients To Understand the TRUTH Of Chiropractic Starting On Day 1

•How to Get Patients to Accept Care Long Term and PAY For It

•How to Continue to Shift The Paradigm From Pain To Brain In Your Patients Mind’s Long Term

•How to Conduct an Assessment That Proves the Need For Care Based on Stress and The Brain

•The Science Behind the Subluxation and the POWER of the Adjustment on The Brain

•How to Turn EVERY New Patient Into an Average of at Least 2 Referrals

If you are ready to:

•explode your practice in 2021

•reduce your stress levels

•see the POWER of chiropracTIC in patients for more than pain relief

•make a bigger impact in your community

•make more money


Dr. Clint will be sharing his secrets. These are the same secrets that took him from a pain based, stressful, high overhead practice, seeing only 130 patients a week with a PVA of 12 for 17 years, to a new practice he started that focused on the BRAIN and nervous system. He went from 0 to 500 PVW in only 6 months, is 100% cash and now has a PVA now of well over150.