Frequently Asked Questions

The NeuroInfiniti’s Stress Response Evaluation (SRE) measures seven different things:

Static – or baseline – readings of these seven modalities give us an excellent window into the patient’s cortical and limbic function. However, the brilliance of the SRE is that it not only measures how these seven modalities respond to a stressor, but equally, if not more importantly, it also measures how quickly the patient recovers from the stressor (if they recover at all!)

The exam itself records a little over 12 minutes of data; however, there are several versions of the exam. The longest version is a fully scripted session which includes all of the voice prompts and some patient education, and it runs approximately 20 minutes. For those who are concerned about time – or prefer a little more control – there are versions without any voice prompts leaving you in charge of the time and prompting content.