“Measuring the Damage of Stress” By Richard Barwell, D.C. Mar 26

It is past time for Chiropractors to advance the Profession to its rightful place in the health system. The first step is that there needs to be healing within the profession which involves a shift of focus away from the vertebral subluxation and onto the power of the adjustment, in all its forms, to change […]

The easy way to increase your income

While we are all concerned about the quality of the care we offer, there is a mitigating factor involved in our practice decisions. It is called the bottom line! The truth of the matter is that we have to show a profit at the end of the day. This bottom line is more like an […]

Current scientific research continues to demonstrate . . .

Current scientific research continues to demonstrate the role of the nervous system in all matters of health. Papers on the nervous system and the immune response1; the nervous system and diseases like Psoriasis2; the nervous system and cholesterol 3; Chronic back pain4; the nervous system and diabetes5; the nervous system and inflammation6 are just a […]

On my last nerve

My first experience working in chiropractic began over 30 years ago. Since then I have seen tremendous changes in the business side of the profession -some of them good, many of them bad. I’ve also witnessed many advances in the clinical side of chiropractic both in technology and techniques. Yet working closely with Dr. Richard […]

Brain Based Chiropractic

It was a gathering of five people in an office in Pueblo, Colorado that led to a surprisingly new understanding of the relationship between brain function and health. It started with a rather simplistic statement which drew a quiet exchange of eye contacts within the group. There are times in life when the breakthroughs of […]