The Support
The NeuroInfiniti System

NeuroInfiniti hardware and software were customed-designed by Thought Technology, the world's largest Biofeedback manufacturer, which for over 35 years has desiged and marketed leading edge hardware and software. An important part of its 53 employees is a million dollars/year development team, comprised of 8 software programmers and testers, 10 hardware engineers and technicians, and 6 quality assuarance professionals, to assure its producys meet strict medical standards worldwide. You can rest assured that the company behind your equipment will always be there for you.

Commitment to Quality

NeuroInfiniti conforms to strict ISO 13485 and CE quality standards and conforms to all revelent medical regulatory requirements. It's designed specifically for the purpose of clinical applications - unlike other systems that are labeled for personal, educational or industrial use.

Best Service in the Industry

NeuroInfiniti provides you with the assurance of initial installation and training coupled with the continuing on-site and on-line workshops to make sure you and your patients get the most out of your system.

Workshops and Online Training

NeuroInfiniti has product support specialists available to guide you through the use of your system, optionally taking direct control of your PC. They are backed up by our always available clinical and marketing staff.
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